Oilfield Chemicals

Romson Oilfield Chemicals, in co-operation with our technical partners; Vink Chemicals, Ashland and REP Chemicals, engages in the formulation, blending and delivery of specialty and production chemicals to our clients in the oil and gas industry. We also conduct chemical treatment, performance evaluation monitoring and tests at clients’ site to ascertain the performance of our products.

Our Services:

  • Delivery of production chemicals and total chemical management services
  • Product selection and formulation at field as per field requirements
  • Evaluation and optimization of different chemical injection programs
  • Troubleshooting of chemical treatment failures
  • Delivery of drilling and cementing chemicals
  • Chemical storage, handling and decanting services
  • Supply of oil and gas laboratory equipment and installation
  • Desludging of production and storage tanks
  • Technical manpower outsourcing services

We deliver an entire range of specialty, production, and drilling chemicals to our clients

We deliver an entire range of specialty, production, and drilling chemicals to our clients

We have an in-country blending plant where we exclusively blend formulated products along with a robust warehouse and logistics architecture.

In-country Blending Plant

Warehouse Architecture

Our specialists and technicians have the expertise and tools to conduct full product qualification and monitoring programs in all our client locations and our laboratory.

We operate in an industry where new technology keeps evolving. As a result, our success depends on our ability to develop and introduce new technologies and products for our customers.

Field chemical treatment and laboratory services:

Demulsification of crude emulsion using our high-performing demulsifiers

Before dosing with demulsifier

Demulsification of crude emulsion using our highly perfoming demulsifier

Water clarification with our highly performing water clarifier chemical

Before treatment with water clarifier

After treatment with our water clarification chemical

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