Romson partners with global technology leaders to provide a comprehensive portfolio of lifting and rigging accessories, synthetic ropes and net assemblies, crane and material handling devices, steel wire ropes, and construction equipment. We also provide wire and fibre ropes for high-demand applications across the oil and gas industry.

Romson takes pride in the following advantages:

  • The biggest wire rope sling producers in the country with DNV 2.7-1 certification
  • Suppliers of all sizes of wire ropes for drill line, towline, riser, tensioner, mooring, mining, elevator, fishing, and general engineering
  • Sub-assembly factory in Nigeria for Yale lifting gears
  • Suppliers of all sizes of non-rotating crane ropes
  • Romson owns a wire rope test facility up to 150T
  • Producers of stretchers and mooring ropes with spliced eye
  • Producers of open/closed spelter socket and mooring socketed wire ropes of all sizes
  • Swaging capacity is 77mm including Flemish eye in the country
  • Suppliers of SPM mooring solutions for FPSO and FSOs
  • Producers of all configuration chain slings



Romson is in an exclusive partnership with Crosby, Bridon and Yale , who are leading manufacturers of lifting and rigging accessories, to supply the following:
Romson is in an exclusive partnership with Crosby, Bridon and Yale , who are leading manufacturers of lifting and rigging accessories, to supply the following:

We represent Garware as its exclusive partner to supply all wall polypropylene, nylon ropes, nylon polypropylene, maxi gold, maxi flex, Dyneema ropes, webbing nets, cargo nets, sports nets, and SPM hawser

Our exclusivity with top global manufacturers allows us to supply; polyester webbing slings, full body harness, cargo lashing and fittings, lifting gear accessories and equipment.

In Nigeria we have a sub-assembly factory for Blocks and hoist, Cable puller.

Equipment we supply:
Cranes, forklifts, pallet handlers, festooned cable systems, air-driven trolleys, beam clamps, electric and manual chain hoist.

Wire-rope end fittings, shackles, sling-saver fittings, hooks and swivels, rigging accessories, chains, marine blocks, lifting clamps, chain blocks, lever hoist, yale trac wire puller, and hydraulic jacks.

We manufacture steel wire rope slings from size 3mm to 77mm up to five legs. We have the capacity to swage Flemish eyes up to 77mm.

We produce and supply riser tension lines, elevators, general engineering wires, crane wires, drill lines, towing lines, mining, fibre ropes and complete mooring system.

We represent CRC for the supply and delivery of complete automotive and industrial products in Nigeria.

Products include:
Battery, Brake Maintenance, Cleaner and Degreaser, Coatings, Corrosion Inhibitor, Electrical Maintenance, Fuel Additive, Grease, Heavy Truck, Leak Stopper, Leather Care, Lubricants, Protectant and Coating, Specialty Oil, Tapping and Cutting Fluid, Tools and Equipment.

As the sole representative for Bridon Bekaert in Nigeria, we supply Bridon SPM products.

Romson is in an exclusive partnership with Effebi, which is a leading manufacturer of valves and fittings of the highest quality.

The range of products includes but is not limited to:

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