Oxifree on Offshore Platforms – Corrosion Under Pipe Support (CUPS)

In Q1 2020, Romson completed Phase 1 of Oxifree deployment to combat Corrosion Under Pipe Support (CUPS) in multiple locations onboard an Offshore Platform.

Application of Oxifree on Buried Pipes in Onshore Facility

To further emphasize Oxifree’s versatility, Romson Oil Field Services Limited successfully executed the application of Oxifree on buried pipes to combat further corrosion experienced along the pipes around the soil-air interface. In addition, Oxitape was applied over the Oxifree coating to provide extra mechanical strength and prevent onset of pipe deformation by abrasion and mild … Continue reading “Application of Oxifree on Buried Pipes in Onshore Facility”

FPSO Water Ballast Tanks Inspection Using Mini Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV)

In 2018, Romson partnered with N-Sea, under supervision of Lloyd’s Register, to execute the inspection of 5 Water Ballast Tanks on an FPSO facility.

Deepwater Magnetometry Tomography Method (Deepwater MTM) Pipeline Inspection

Romson partnered with IEV Group to conduct the inspection of water flowlines on an FPSO facility, offshore Nigeria. With technical support from Transkor, Russia, Romson successfully provided the innovative MTM technology for the non-intrusive inspection of unpiggable subsea pipelines. Over 31km of water flowlines was inspected to assess the integrity and stress level.

Oxifree Metal Protection Deployed on Single Point Mooring System Facility

Romson extended the technology to protect complex structures (such as flanges and under-pipe supports) on an offshore facility in Nigeria.

Deployment of Oxifree Anti-corrosion Technology on FPSO

Romson Oil Field Services Limited is the sole representative of Oxifree Global Limited for the provision of the innovative Oxifree metal protection to oil and gas companies in Nigeria. In 2018, Romson achieved the first deployment of the Oxifree technology in Nigeria.

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