FPSO Water Ballast Tanks Inspection Using Mini Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV)

In 2018, Romson partnered with N-Sea, under supervision of Lloyd’s Register, to execute the inspection of 5 Water Ballast Tanks on an FPSO facility.

Using a mini-ROV to inspect water ballast tanks gave the client 100% general visual inspection (GVI) of the tank with the benefit of capturing full video and camera stills. The attending surveyor was present to witness the GVI and Ultrasonic Thickness (UT) measurements, giving the surveyor confidence that the condition of the tanks was properly ascertained.


⊗   Timely approved UTM Report by Lloyd’s Register

⊗   Significant time saving as compared to conventional method

⊗   Hired GVI (stills and Videos)

⊗   Personnel entry no longer required

⊗ Gave the client and class a very clear assessment of the water ballast tanks condition

⊗  Comprehensive report submitted within schedule

⊗  A smart, safe, and cost effective solution.

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