Application of Oxifree on Buried Pipes in Onshore Facility

To further emphasize Oxifree’s versatility, Romson Oil Field Services Limited successfully executed the application of Oxifree on buried pipes to combat further corrosion experienced along the pipes around the soil-air interface.

In addition, Oxitape was applied over the Oxifree coating to provide extra mechanical strength and prevent onset of pipe deformation by abrasion and mild local stresses. The project was completed in Q4 2019.

During Phase 1 of the campaign Romson Technicians successfully coated 9 pipe sections of varying size with a collective surface area of over 20 square metres.


⊕   Detailed assessment of pipe sections after excavation and dewatering

⊕   Complete protection of assets even for difficult to reach pipe sections

⊕   Agile and proactive team readily handled all operational challenges encountered

⊕   Environmentally friendly & non-hazardous

⊕   Timely report submission

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